Auditioning for a project

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Portal Login

Login to the portal with a Google account at top right, and please use the Chrome browser (we can’t guarantee compatibility with other browsers). If you’re having trouble with login, try an incognito window in Chrome. 

Note that if you are brand new, you can't audition or download the PDF until you've received a welcome email message.

Find a Project

Browse the projects using the Need: Narrator filter, and click on the project card for more info. If you want to audition, download the PDF with the Download PDF button. Note that if it says Pending Audition, that means you'll need to wait for the evaluation of the pending Audition from someone else; if it’s rejected, the project will become available for further auditions.

Two Methods
Method A: Recording with your own Software Method B: Recording with EasyBooks
Record the first few pages of the book in your own audio software. (Don’t record more than you’re willing to lose!) In EasyBooks, find the Auditions project (should be at the top of the project list) and open a file with a New file status.
Upload the audition audio by clicking on the Submit Audition Audio button on the project card.Upload the audition audio by clicking on the Submit Audition Audio button on the project card. Record the first few pages of the book, and close and save the file.
Don’t forget to go back to the Literature portal and click on the Submit Audition Audio button on the project card, and just type in the EasyBooks file that you used for the audition. Do NOT upload any audio files.


  • You can also click the I’m ready for a book link on the portal front page if you can't find a project or need more help.
  • Do NOT record in the actual project for your audition! Use the procedures outlined above to submit your audition.
  • Please review Storyteller Lesson 3-2 about how to find and audition for a project if needed.
  • A note about volume: be sure your recording has adequate volume! Record as strong a signal as possible without clipping. Locate a comfortable range for your peaks (usually between -12 dB and -6 dB) at the beginning. In EasyBooks, the bulk of the waveform should fill the center light gray area.

✅ Happy auditioning!

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