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The Listener/Narrator team is pretty awesome to see as they work together to create stellar audiobooks! But it takes a little work to get the team working smoothly together...and without friction.


We’ve got 4 principles that should keep the team and project humming along!


  1. Principle number 1 is the Golden Rule, which is basically: don’t write anything that you wouldn't like to get if YOU were the narrator.
  2.  Principle number 2 is to think and re-read your note or post before sending it. Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?

3. Principle number 3 is to respect boundaries. It’s great to be friendly but respect others’ privacy.

4. Principle number 4 is “timing is everything.” You should respond promptly if possible and communicate any absences that would affect the project.


We know--life happens. But please do your best to keep the team informed, so we can keep our system organized and efficient. Our students appreciate it!

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