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Announcement: Starting on 12/20/2022, the Textbook QA role will temporarily be inactive. For current volunteers serving in this role, please close up any project you are currently working on before this date, as the project site will be temporarily removed. We encourage you to support the Literature QA role in the meantime. Thank you!


Q: Where do I access the QA training materials?

A: Please visit our volunteer portal and click on the Textbook QA link under the QA tab. Please go through all the training videos on the Getting Started with Textbook QA portion of the site. Please go through training steps one through five. In the top right corner of that page, you will find additional links such as the assignment, guidelines, and worksheet pages. The assignments page is where you would self-assign yourself to a project. Please add your name and date next to a specific project. The guidelines page will provide you with more detail about the specifics of QA and our expectations. The Textbook QA worksheet page is the form you complete once a review is done. If you have any other questions, you can email me directly at [email protected], or can ask questions in the Textbook QA Collective thread here in Twist. Thanks, and welcome to the team!



Q: What is the primary mode of communication to talk with staff? Will I be able to send private messages to staff and/or volunteers?

A: We use Twist as our primary mode of communication between volunteers and staff. In addition, Twist offers a private message option for volunteers and staff to communicate one-on-one outside of Channels and Threads.


Q. How do I find or join Twist?

A: You can join our Twist community by:

Join us on Twist!

Change email notifications to @mentions only (bell icon)

Link to Team QA Channel


Q: I’m having trouble finding my book in the library when I search by title.

A: When searching for the book you are going to QA in our library, it is preferred that you search by using the shelf number. This will take you to the correct version of that book.


Q: I have added my book to the bookshelf, but am having trouble finding my book in the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution (LAABS) software.

A: Once you add the book to the bookshelf, please open the LAABS app and select “Update my Books” to refresh the screen with new books. You will find this by clicking on the person/hamburger icon and then Update my books:

Q: It is taking me forever to download books to LearningAlly Audiobooks. And I have to sit with my computer the entire time it downloads. There must be some way to speed this up or for it to continue without being monitored.

A: the download speed is dependent on your internet connection speed and long books can take a few minutes to download (but you should be able to walk away while it completes). You may want to also look at the available hard drive space that you have available on your computer. You may have to free up some space.


Q: It appears that you do not make the pdf of the book available. I understand that the intent is to review audio and marking quality, not the actual contents. Is that correct?

A: You are correct. The purpose of the QA checking is to check quality from the perspective of the student. We make the assumption that the student has the PDF in front of them, therefore in the LAABS app, the students are only listening to the audio, and following along in their own textbooks. The guidelines are linked on the Getting Started page. These go into more detail about what we are looking for within these reviews.


Q: I have entered yes on the worksheet column in the assignment sheet, but then my book disappeared? How do I verify that you have received notification that I have completed my review?

A: The assignment sheet is set up to automatically move the title once you indicate that you have completed the worksheet. Please be sure to complete the Textbook QA Worksheet before selecting Yes in the assignment sheet. You can find the worksheet in the Volunteer Portal.

Q: How do I log my volunteer hours?

A: You can log your hours by visiting the “Log Hours” tab in the volunteer portal. When logging hours for the first time, you will want to login with the same email address you used when you filled out the volunteer registration form. The directions in the portal will walk you through how to log your hours. Please be sure that you are logging your hours after every volunteer session.


Q: What volunteer role should I select when logging my hours?

A: When entering your service hours, please be sure that you select “2.3 Textbook Quality Assurance" as your volunteer role.


Q: What if I made a mistake when logging my hours?

A: If you make an error when submitting your hours, please contact us via Twist or email so we can correct it.

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