What is the Audiobook Community?

Audrey Santos

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Audiobook Community: Textbook and Literature Communities, and all supporting audiobook volunteer roles, are recognized as one Audiobook Production Community. 

The Volunteer and Audiobook Portals

The Volunteer Portal provides volunteers access to all production project resources and information.  This is the hub where you can log your service hours and gather important resources for volunteering.

The Audiobook Portal is linked directly to the Volunteer Portal.  In the Audiobook Portal, volunteers can access the Literature Catalog and Textbook Catalog tab along the top of the Audiobook Portal. You must log in to the portal to see active assignments. 

Literature team members will only have access to the Literature Catalog projects, and Textbook team members only have access to their catalog. However, if you are a volunteer who has passed training in both Textbook and Literature, you will have access to both catalogs.

Additional tabs included in the Audiobook Portal are My Projects, Literature Reading Conventions (for Literature team members), Textbook Conventions (for Textbook team members), our Volunteer Portal, and the Support tab.

Learning Ally Staff Production Teams:

Producer Team: Ivuoma Hall and Ian McInnes will assign all new book projects to available narrators by considering the casting (how well the narrator’s voice matches the character) and book priority (based on school and individual student requests).

Project Managers: Cheri Nightingale, Audrey Santos, and Katherine Abraham manage projects from the pre-production steps through the completion of projects. They are your go-to folks for any project-related question and can help connect you to other staff as needs arise.

Audiobook Quality Assurance Lead: Naava Feingold will be working to improve our current Quality Assurance process behind the scenes

Audiobook Volunteer Resources: All audiobook production projects and resources can be found on our new Audiobooks page on the Volunteer Portal.

How is Learning Ally allowed to record Copyrighted Material?: For more information on the federal laws that allow Learning Ally to record copyrighted materials, please reference this article: https://volunteernation.tawk.help/article/how-can-we-record-copyrighted-materials


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