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You may be trying to log in on the wrong site. These are our Volunteer sites:


Please bookmark these sites in your browser for easy access later and check out this interactive mini-lesson to explore these different sites. Note that you should not try to log in at our main LearningAlly.org website where you initially registered as a volunteer. Also note that you must complete training before working as a narrator or listener in our audiobook production community.

Using Google to log in.

Our training and literature portal sites use Google login for authentication; this merely lets us know who you are...we do not get access to anything other than that.


  • Virtual Training Center login: if you have a Google account already, just click on the login at top right or the center button further down highlighted in red below. If you don’t yet have a Google account, click the button on the left or right for instructions highlighted in purple below (we recommend tying an existing account to your Google account so you don’t have to check another account for notifications):
  • Literature Portal Google login: be sure to log in with the same Google account you gave us in the form at the end of your training and note that the login will not work until you have received your official emailed welcome from the literature team. You’ll log in with the link at top right:

  • Volunteer Portal. Note that we do not currently have a general volunteer login at the Volunteer Portal. You do log in to our Volunteer Information Center when logging hours, though. You set this password yourself and you can use the Need a password? or Forget your password? links if needed:

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