I can't log my service hours!

Eleanor C

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I'm trying to log my service hours and it says:
Your volunteer application is still pending

The login name or password you entered were not valid.

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • You haven't registered, or your registration is still pending and hasn't been accepted into our database yet; or
  • You're using an email address that doesn't match the one you used when you first registered as a volunteer; or
  • You need to create a password for our Volunteer Information Center (VIC)

For the first, please be sure you've registered as a volunteer with one of the forms on this page, and wait a day or two until we have a chance to accept your registration and try again.

For the second issue, try creating a password with the Need a password link using the email address you initially gave us and then log in. You can then change the email address in our system with the My Profile tab:

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