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Pozotron Proof Volunteers help us provide an enjoyable reading experience by ensuring smooth, quality production of our audiobooks. These volunteers support during the production process, listening to audiobook recordings for any omitted, inserted, or mispronounced words, or any other possible deviations from the text, any environmental noise, editing mistakes, and other audio issues. Essentially you are “proofing” the raw narration from our narrators then making notes to help them resolve any errors. 

To get started:

1. Please make sure you've submitted an application to volunteer with Learning Ally. If you've already submitted the application, please skip this step. How do you know if you've submitted an application? If you receive emails from us, you are likely already in our volunteer database.

2. Review the Volunteer Opportunities page in the Volunteer Portal and complete the Audiobook Volunteer Intake Form for this specific role, located in the next steps tab to start training. Someone from the Virtual Hands-on Training Center will be in touch with you to set up training.

3. Join us on Twist: Twist is an app that serves as a group chat for our Audiobook Production Volunteers and volunteer team leads.

Head to the Virtual Hands-on Training Center Twist channel and click the JOIN button at the lower right to enter. Once you're in, you can click on the Welcome to the Virtual Hands-on Training Center thread to meet additional volunteers and ask questions. 

Have additional questions? Please reach out via Twist or use the Support Chat on this website. Learning Ally staff members will respond to you as soon as we can. 

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