How do I @mention someone in Twist?

Eleanor C

Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

We ask that you use @mentions in Twist to get that person's attention for a couple of reasons:

  • When you use them, it makes your message float to the top of the person's Inbox; and
  • We tell everyone to set email notifications to @mentions or @mentions and 1-on-1 messages only

To use an @mention, you just need to type the @ symbol and then start typing their first name. A blue box will appear with a list of folks who match the name you've started to type and you must click on the name you want. Once you click on the name, it will appear in blue text. If you just type @Cheri N, for example, and the text remains black and you didn't click on the name in the popup box, the @mention does not work.

Thanks for using @mentions properly...we appreciate it! 🙋

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