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"Why can't I find a project to audition for?"

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We get want to record audiobooks! ❤📖

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that we'll have a book available that matches your voice. Our commitment to serving our students means that as much as we may want to, we can't expend our limited resources recording audiobooks just to keep our narrators busy. We record the books our students want and need to have. We want them to have a great audiobook experience...the voice needs to be a good fit for the material, the audio quality needs to be excellent, it needs to be accurate, and the narrator's performance needs to excite the student and help them fall in love with reading. We know that's a tall order, but that's why it's a mission! 😉

We are now matching book projects to available narrators while considering the casting for the book, i.e., how well a narrator's voice matches the material, book priority, etc. We are still experiencing an unprecedented surge in new narrators, so projects, especially those for common voice types, are hard to come by, and there may be times when there just aren't any matches.


We recommend you fill out the I'm Ready for a Book! form found in the Literature portal header. There are also a few backlogged projects available for auditioning in the portal. Narrators who fit the voice profile can submit an audition and will be notified when it’s reviewed.

We hope you understand and encourage you to find other ways to volunteer with us while you're waiting for a narration assignment. Check our Volunteer Opportunities section to see if there's something else you can do to help students succeed.

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