Netiquette and Proper Chatting

Russell Collins

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Netiquette is basically the do's and don'ts of online communication.

You are part of a team of volunteers and staff, all focused on the goal of serving students and learners. It takes care and attention to keep the team working together. 

We have four principles we recommend to keep your teams and projects working smoothly.

Principle 1 is the Golden Rule: don’t write anything that you wouldn't like written back to you.

We are all on the same team here! Keep it professional and courteous.

Principle 2 is the THINK approach to writing. Your messages should be True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind.

Text lacks the subtleties of face-to-face conversation. While a factual message is True and Necessary, if it isn't presented with Kindness and some inspiring Positivity, and can be received as accusatory or insulting, and that's not Helpful.

Never type in ALL CAPS. Emojis are okay in moderation. Pay attention to grammar and spelling to show that you've taken care in what you write.

There's a summary of the THINK approach at the end of this article, in case you want to copy it, print it out, and reference it later. 

Principle 3 is to respect boundaries. It’s great to be friendly but respect others’ privacy.

All your messages with other volunteers should be made in shared channels. Don't press anyone for personal details. You will see that there are some channels for socializing, so please keep personal conversations there.

Principle 4 is “timing is everything.” You should respond promptly if possible and communicate any absences that would affect the project.

Keeping the pace of interaction shows respect for others involved and their time. We know you may have a sudden change of plans, but please do your best to keep the team informed of your schedule and availability.

Our staff, volunteers, and students appreciate your care!

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