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What is a textbook narrator?

Audrey Santos

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A good reader will make the performance transparent and SEEM like the easiest thing on earth….just like talking. Readers thoroughly prepare the material they are reading by researching pronunciations and determining characterizations (if applicable) before recording. Advanced textbook training, an audition, and an equipment check must be passed before becoming a textbook narrator. 

To get started: 

1. Please make sure you've submitted an application to volunteer with Learning Ally. If you've already submitted the application, please skip this step. How do you know if you've submitted an application? If you receive emails from us, you are likely already in our volunteer database.

2. Review the following set of instructions before narrating a new textbook title:


3. Textbook volunteers, please fill out this form to express interest in an assignment: Ready for a Textbook Assignment!

You can also post questions in the New Textbook Assignments thread in the Team Textbook community Twist channel.  Please be sure to join the Team Textbook channel so that you can access the specific threads. The link to join is below. 

4. Join us on Twist: Twist is an app that serves as a group chat for our Audiobook Production Volunteers and volunteer team leads. 

Head to the project site for your project to join the "Discussion Group" for your specific project.  Click the "Discussion Group" button in the project site.  Once you're in, you can click on any of the appropriate threads to meet additional volunteers and ask questions related to your specific project. 

General Textbook Communication is posted in the Team Textbook community Twist Channel, Textbook Community Announcements thread. 

Have additional questions? Please reach out via Twist or use the Support Chat on this website.  Staff will respond to you as soon as we can; please @mention Audrey in Twist for specific questions. Thank you!

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